Group Meditation Tips

In group meditation devotees come together in silent fellowship to reinforce each other's efforts toward Self-realization. You can do your part by asking,

"What can I do to keep from distracting others?"

Effective group meditation is possible only if each person shares responsibility for creating an atmosphere of peaceful stillness. The following tips list some positive actions you can take to help create a peaceful environment for group meditation.



• Arrive on time.

• You are very welcome to join us quietly during the period of chanting.


Before Meditation

Turn off all your electronic devices - mobile phones. (Very important!)

• If you have a cough, cold or any condition that creates noise or restlessness that may affect others, please meditate at home. If you begin coughing in the chapel, please go to the restroom to recover.

• Wear clothes that are made of soft fabrics that don't make noise.

• Please try not to wear perfumes or strong scents.

• Leave all food and drink in your vehicle. You may bring water but try to drink only during chanting periods.

• If you wear bangles please take care that they do not make noise when you move your hands. Probably it is best to put them into your handbag as you enter the chapel.


During Meditation

There is no talking during meditation.

• Stay quietly seated during periods of silence.

• Try to use the restroom only during chanting periods.

• Practice the meditation techniques quietly so that they are inaudible to others.

• If needed, you may stand and do gentle stretching during chanting periods.



Please work towards the goal of staying for the entire meditation. Otherwise, leave at the beginning of chanting, keeping silent until well away from the building.

On Sundays you are welcome to stay for the Readings Service.

Thank you for being considerate.