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That is the whole sum and substance of what I have tried to live by.

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— Sri Daya Mata

4 Steps to Finding God

How do you find God in this life?

1. Practice of the techniques (including Kriya Yoga)

2. Devotion: put your love for God first

3. Practice of the presence of God every moment

4. Surrender to God


There will always be disappointments, disillusionments, and heartaches; because the nature of the soul is perfection, while everything on earth is gross and limited.... Everything we are seeking is in God. (ol)


We should not become lost in the externals of religion—in rituals or forms. The purpose of pujas, masses, rites, should be simply to inspire devotees to seek God within. Otherwise such outer forms of worship are useless. (ol)


5 Steps Toward Self-Realization

1. Yearning for God.

2. Simplicity.

Keep life simple and uncomplicated. Don't desire unnecessary things.

3. Right action:

— to do what we ought to do when we ought to do it. Most of the time our actions are under the compulsive direction of our habits. Right action is governed not by habit, but by the principle of truth.

4. Cheerfulness.

5. Meditation.


Simplicity is my ideal. Simplicity in heart, in speech, in possessions; purity that comes from an uncomplicated life and an uncomplicated mind; purity that comes from a direct and personal relationship with God, wherein you realize, ‘Lord, I have laid myself at Your feet. I am content with whatever You give me and whatever You do with me.’


What is "right activity" as spoken of in the Gita? It means to adhere — in thought, first, then in speech and action—to those principles that bring forth good. Strive for truthfulness; all religions teach this. Strive for brotherhood; all teach this. Honesty, purity, high moral principles—no religion teaches otherwise. But these mankind has largely forgotten. This is the reason for the terrible chaos we find ourselves in today. (ol)


Deeper Meditation

1. Physical and mental relaxation

2. Urgency to find God

3. Patience

4. Detachment

5. Calm and quiet waiting


To attain the greatest result from meditation, it is important to dismiss from your mind during meditation all consciousness of the body, and all restless thoughts.


After achieving stillness within, it is important to very carefully, watchfully carry that pail of peace with us throughout the entire day, drinking deeply from it, so that we can benefit from what we achieved in meditation.


When I am ready for meditation, or while I am actually meditating, I do not let anything interfere. My attitude is this:

God alone
God first!

And if I say it, I must be able to demonstrate it!


Meditation is our most important duty. It establishes a relationship with God. (ol)


First and foremost, meditate! even when you don't feel like it, meditate. Even when you body is unwell, get in the habit of meditating anyway. Even when you're tired, don't let your body lie on that bed first. You have to have that kind determination. (ol)


5 Qualities of a Devotee

1. Sincere yearning for God

2. Loyalty and dedication

3. Inspiration and encouragement of others

4. Humility

5. Daily meditation


If God does not respond it is because the devotee does not feel sufficient yearning for Him and has not learned how to meditate deeply. Master told us: "When you sit for meditation you must strive to empty the mind of all physical and mental burdens and restlessness. You must forget the body, and you must forget self-will. These are vital steps that religionists of all spiritual paths must practice in order to commune with God. How can this be done? By the practice of yoga techniques of concentration." (ol)



4 Steps to Spiritualizing Life

1. Faith in God

2. Deep meditation

3. Surrender — 'Lord let Thy will be done'

4. Relax and let go of the problems


I have found that my deepest spiritual awakenings come when I surrender; and you too will find it so. As long as we are looking for some thrilling experience in meditation, some tangible "miracle" or phenomenal demonstration, God will not respond. (fj)


How Can We Find God?

1. Quiet both body and mind, that the whispers of intuition may be heard.

2. Devotee must develop humility.

Unless and until we learn to forget ourselves, we can never fill the consciousness with the thought of God.

3. Practice patience.

When we sit for meditation we must rise above all consciousness of time. Even if we meditate only for five minutes, those five minutes must be one hundred percent concentrated upon God. [more...]


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