Excerpts from God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita
by Paramahansa Yogananda

The Path of Intuition



This intuitive realization is the king of sciences, the royal secret, the peerless purifier, the essence of dharma (man's righteous duty); it is the direct perception of truth—the imperishable enlightenment—attained through ways (of yoga) very easy to perform. [—Commentary]


I, the Unmanifested, pervade the whole universe. All creatures abide in Me, but I do not abide in them. (4)

Behold My Divine Mystery! in which all beings are apparently not in Me, nor does My Self dwell in them; yet I alone am their Creator and Preserver! (5)

Understand it thus: Just as air moves freely in the infinitudes of space (akasha), and has its being in space (yet air is different from space), just so do all creatures have their being in Me (but they are not I). (6)


The reverent presentation to Me of a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, given with pure intention, is a devotional offering acceptable in My sight. [—Commentary]


Whatever actions thou dost perform, O Son of Kunti (Arjuna), whether in eating, or in observing spiritual rites, or in gift bestowing, or in self-disciplining — dedicate them all as offerings to Me. (27)

Thus no action of thine can enchain thee with good or evil karma. With thy Self steadfastly anchored in Me by Yoga and renunciation, thou shalt win freedom and come unto Me.

I am impartial toward all beings. To Me none is hateful, none is dear. But those who give Me their heart's love are in Me, as I am in them.

Even a consummate evildoer who turns away from all else to worship Me exclusively may be counted among the good, because of his righteous resolve.

He will fast become a virtuous man and obtain unending peace. Tell all assuredly, O Arjuna, that My devotee never perishes!

Taking shelter in Me all beings can achieve the Supreme Fulfillment—be they those of sinful birth, or women, or Vaishyas, or Sudras. (32) [—Commentary]


How easily, then, may I be attained by sainted Brahmins (knowers of God or Brahman) and pious royal sages (Raja-rishis)! Thou who hast entered this impermanent and unhappy world, adore only Me (Spirit). (33)

On Me fix thy mind, be thou My devotee, with ceaseless worship bow reverently before Me. Having thus united thyself to Me as thy Highest Goal, thou shalt be Mine own. (34) [—Commentary]