exercises The Energization Exercises, which are fully explained in the Lessons, utilize a method I discovered in 1916 of drawing cosmic energy into the body and directing it, by conscious will, to recharge the various parts of the body. (—Paramahansa Yogananda)



Recharging the Body With Cosmic Energy

• The Energization Exercises are one of four pillars of our path:

Energization Exercises
Hong Sau technique
Aum technique
Kriya techniques

There is an active synergy between them all.

• Guruji never missed doing the Energization Exercises twice a day, meditation and service to others.

• The Energization Exercises induce calmness and health and energy. They purify the blood stream and recharge every cell with cosmic energy.

• It is actually 'will' which maintains our youth and vigour. The body should not dictate its needs to the soul.

• The Energization Exercises help us get conscious control over the life force. They also harmonise the life force and undo any energy knots in the body. They help us identify with who we truly are - the soul. In working with will and energy in the exercises it helps us realise we are them - not the body.

• Always start with the prayer. All actions should be smooth and flowing. Only three of the exercises have a jerking motion (when the head drops and the torso rotation).

• Pay attention to the exact position and rotation of the hands and palms in the Energization Exercises. If it specifies palms facing each other try and do this precisely as it makes a difference to how the energy flows.

• Sri Daya Mata said, "The greatest way to honour the Guru is to practice his techniques".

(Extract from a talk by Brother Ritananda)

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