Kriya Yoga — Science of Yoga (1)

Dr. M.W. Lewis

The Goal of Life

This is a very intricate subject, that is all phases of it, but do not get alarmed, I'm not going to give you all phases. But I'll try to make it interesting, and if I can impress upon you one or two key points, it'll be sufficient for your needs. And the main thing is that yoga is the science of all sciences, because it is the science of knowing God. It is very exact, but yet very simple. Truth is simple, if we can but realize it as that, and not make it too complicated.

Seeming separation from God is rampant in the world today. Everybody feels apart from God, except the few who have waked up and have found the way to return home to Him. And so, let us understand that separation from God must be removed, because we were ever with Him; our consciousness ever was with Him, and ever is with Him. Now the science of yoga will help you to once more unite your consciousness with Him, and realize that you are not apart, you're not separated from Him.

Why is this, why is this separation so evident? It is because our own body consciousness, or rather our own Soul Consciousness, has become attached to this body, and, therefore, we feel apart from God.

Now yoga is the science whereby you can release that attachment of your own Soul Consciousness to this body. Freeing that, then, then you can use that Soul Consciousness as it should be used, to explore spiritual kingdoms, of which Jesus spoke, and to reunite your consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness.
That's the goal of life.
That's the goal of Raja Yoga.
To once more unite our consciousness with
the One Eternal God,
Let us understand this.

Now we knew, we knew, that we were one with God. We knew that, but we've forgotten it. Why? Because we've become attached to His gifts of this outward consciousness, we have forgotten it. We forget sometimes, many things.

There was one gentleman who forgot so much, as he said he couldn't remember anything for even a moment after he said it. And so, he went to a psychiatrist, and he says, "Doctor," he says, "I don't know what's the matter with me." He says, "I can't remember anything, even for a few minutes." Well, the psychiatrist said to him, he said, "Well, my good man," he says, "How long has this been going on?" Patient says, "What has been going on?" So you see, if we forget as easily as that, no wonder we perhaps, have forgotten the Presence of God. So do not be alarmed, even though you have forgotten it. It will all come out right.

And so the true yoga, or the basis of true religion, should be a scientific thing. Not just a belief; something, which you can apply scientifically, to help you return home once more to God. Religion means "that which binds us." Binds us to what? Binds us to Spirit, or to God. And so, religion must be, must be something scientific. Not just an idea. And that science is yoga, science of yoga. Yoga means union; that which binds us once more to the Eternal Presence of God.


Kriya Yoga — Spiritual Accelerator

Now our Master has said this about yoga, which I'd like to give you his words. "Yoga is a system of practices and techniques designed to convert the basic principles of religion into the living experiences of God communion."

Now that's what the science of yoga will do for you, and those are our Master's very words. Kriya Yoga is the fastest known accelerator, spiritual accelerator, known to man. And the earth, the world, needs to be spiritually accelerated, does it not? It's the fastest known accelerator – spiritual accelerator. It's the greatest, if you will follow it, and then use it – the science of Kriya Yoga.

And so a true yogi, therefore, is one who endeavors in every way possible to once more unite his consciousness with the Divine Consciousness within. And he can do it, if he follows yoga, especially the practice of Kriya Yoga. In the Bhagavad Gita, we read in the 6th Discourse, 46th Line – listen carefully.

The yogi is deemed greater than body-disciplining ascetics, greater even than the followers of the path of wisdom or of the path of action; be thou, O Arjuna, a yogi!
The Bhagavad Gita VI:46 [—Commentary]

That's the importance of practicing yoga. That's the importance of being a yogi, because it's the greatest science known. It's the science of knowing God. It's the science of all sciences. Even your great scientific men, if they practice the science of yoga, they would be even greater scientists. That's the importance of yoga.

Do not belittle it. It is very important, and remember, Self-Realization has brought you the ways and the means whereby you can apply the science of yoga without too much difficulty. That's why Self-Realization Fellowship is needed here in America. And that's why so many of you here have found out what it will do for you to make life more bearable.


Kriya Yoga and the Life Force

Now going on just a little bit; how, how Kriya Yoga works is a very important thing – how Kriya Yoga works. How it operates. Kriya Yoga does one of the most important things for us. Kriya Yoga breaks the attachment of your Soul to the body. Now your Soul is made up of the Consciousness and Energy of God.

In the body it is known as Consciousness and Life Force. Now Kriya Yoga, by withdrawing the Life Force from the body, the internal organs, it frees that Life Force and Consciousness, which your Soul is, that you may place it in the spine, and there you will contact the Presence of God in the chakras of the spine, and in the Supreme Lotus of the brain.

You cannot do that now, because your consciousness and energy as Life Force is attached to this bodily vehicle. But the science of Kriya Yoga breaks that attachment, and frees that Life Force so that you can enjoy and understand the realms of Spirit located right within you, as spoken of in Revelation. "The kingdom of God is within." It's not something outside, it's right within us. But how can you explore it, if your consciousness and energy is attached to this son of man? You cannot do it.

Now Kriya Yoga frees the Life Force and Consciousness from attachment. Then, then you can surrender yourself to God. But you cannot do it until you break that attachment for the body. Kriya Yoga, remember, breaks the attachment of Soul to the body. How does it do it? First, by magnetizing the spine. With what – with Life Force. By the control of breathing, tremendous amounts of oxygen are taken into your vehicle, and that oxygen is changed into Life Force. Now that Life Force is taken to the spine, and there it magnetizes. When it magnetizes the spine, if you take the carbon out of the blood, you will have a great amount of Life Force released from your heart, and lungs, and internal organs. This is done through the science of Kriya Yoga.

Now that extra Life Force, you know the heart pumps 18 tons of blood a day. Think of it. Think of the tremendous Life Force and energy which is taken up in breathing and internal, the function of internal organs. Now all that Life Force retires to your spine, and there it magnetizes the spine drawing more and more Life Force until you are completely detached from this bodily vehicle. Then, then you can offer your heart, mind, and soul, and strength to God. Strength means energy. And you can give that to God, and then you can realize His Presence within you.


Kriya Yoga Changes Every Cell in Your Body

Now when you do this, when you realize this, then the ego consciousness is eliminated. You cannot know God by ego. It takes a million years to eliminate ego consciousness. Think of it. A million years before we can even offer ourselves to God, by ordinary methods of evolution. But when the ego is eliminated, and the soul is freed from attachment to the body, then, then it can explore the Internal Kingdom of God. Then it can unite itself with Cosmic Consciousness, our home. That's what Kriya Yoga does, that's how it works.

I cannot in the time I have allotted to me, give you the exact details. But I want to give you one or two details so that you will remember the key points. First, let me read from Master's Autobiography, one of the references this morning.

"Kriya Yoga is a simple psycho physiological method." The physiological aspect is the converting of oxygen into Life Force. And the psychological part is the withdrawing the Life Force from the heart and internal organs and placing that Life Force where it belongs, in the Kingdom of God within. That's what Kriya Yoga will do. These are Master's own words. "The method is that the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen." I told you that, and that oxygen eliminates Life Force – tremendous amount of Life Force.

That's why those who do Kriya Yoga change. Not only do they change, every cell in their body changes. It vibrates differently. It changes every cell in the body, because it is the direct Life Force of God, the Cosmic Energy vibrating through our cells. And that Force, which vibrates through our cells, is much faster than even the Force of mind, and thought. That's why when people do Kriya Yoga, they change. And that's why people who know them, or come into their contact, they change, because of the Great Force of God's Power flowing through them. Kriya Yoga's not just a technique. It is a real, tangible, Cosmic Force working through you, if you do it. These are very important things.


Eliminating Carbon from the Blood

"The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers. By stopping the accumulation of venous blood, the yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissue."

Now, that point of getting rid of the carbon in the blood must be explained. It's a very important point, because by so doing, if you can get rid of the carbon in the blood, you free the Life Force from the different internal organs, and then what happens? You speed up your evolution. That's the important thing in the practice of Kriya Yoga.

For instance, when there's carbon in your blood, when you eat heavy protein foods, which I hope you do not, you eliminated into the bloodstream tremendous amount of carbon. That has to be eliminated, because when that carbon is in the blood, you're heart has got to pump to get the blood to the lungs. And then the lungs, the blood, is purified by taking in oxygen. Now the yogis reason this way. If we can stop the amount of carbon being in the bloodstream, the heart will not have to pump so much. And, therefore, if there is not so much carbon to be eliminated from the blood, reciprocally, the breath will slow down.

Now you practice the techniques of yoga, you will find your breath begins to slow down. Why? For the very reason I have pointed out, because you are lessening the amount of carbon in your bloodstream. The heart slows down, and that 18 tons of blood, think of it, is not to be moved. No wonder the heart is better. No wonder the lungs are better. All the bodily functions are better, if you perform yoga, especially Kriya Yoga.

Now when the carbon is less in the blood, the heart slows down. Reciprocally, the breath slows down, and then the tremendous amount of Life Force is released from these, especially, these two organs. With that Life Force penetrating your body, how can you be free? How can you find God (panting), or your breath going like that? You see, you cannot do it – it's an impossibility.

But the performance and life of Kriya Yoga will stop that holding your Life Force, which is none other than God's Cosmic Energy in you, throughout your body. You'll be free from that attachment. That's why Kriya Yoga is so scientific, and so exacting. These are very important points.

Now what does that Life Force do when it's free? I have told you. It goes back to the spine. And there by the process of Kriya Yoga, it is utilized to magnetize the spine, as I have said, up and down. Now in ordinary living, our earth flies around the moon. Yes, I've got the right direction; flies around the moon, and that gives us, you and I, one year of evolution. Think of it now. What happens within you? Well, when that happens, the Life Force goes around your Soul, and gives you one year of evolution. It's not too difficult. Don't get frightened. Now the yogis found out, by the method of Kriya Yoga, that they could take that Life Force, that tremendous amount of Life Force, and revolve it around their own Soul – which is located in the spine and brain – and thereby in half a minute get one year's evolution. Think of it. It takes the year, the whole year to go around the sun. It takes those who practice Kriya Yoga, when you do it correctly, one-half minute to get the same result. Think of it. One-half minute.

Now this is the key point of yoga, which, of course, sometimes is missed, because it is so subtle. Now this Life Force from the heart, and lungs, and internal organs, gives you a tremendous amount to revolve around your Soul located in the spinal region and brain. That's just what you do when you do Kriya Yoga. You revolve it around, just like happens by ordinary evolution that takes so long. It takes a year to get, to get that amount of evolution. By Kriya Yoga you can get it in a half a minute, if you do it right. I must add that, because that's quite necessary.

Now one thing more I want to point out to you is this. When you do this, if it takes a million years to eliminate ego consciousness, which prevents you from knowing God, you can do it in, by practicing Kriya Yoga, in a lifetime easily. Why? Because you revolve the Life Force around the Soul, and it eliminates the time element in a tremendous way. That's the important thing to remember.

All right; eliminating the ego consciousness. What happens by the practice of Kriya Yoga? You are taken, your consciousness is taken, to the door here [Doctor points to the Spiritual Eye], and all the Life Force of God in you is taken to the door. And by that tremendous Force, you can penetrate into the Infinite Kingdom of God. That's what Kriya Yoga will do to you, for you, if you will practice sincerely. It's a law. It is exact. That is what happens.

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