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9 Best Talks by Paramahansa Yogananda Read by a Devotee

Paramahansa YoganandaTo Be Victorious in Life - Part 1
by Paramahansa Yogananda
You can go as far as you want to go, past all limitations, and live a supremely victorious existence. You have all the power to accomplish what you want. I have used that power of mind throughout my life...
D:22 minsĀ  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaTo Be Victorious in Life - Part 2
by Paramahansa Yogananda
The real measure of success is happiness: Whatever your position in life, are you happy? You have three tremendous powers given to you by your Creator... I use my intuitive power as well as the other powers...
D:26 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaThe Law of Success
by Paramahansa Yogananda
You demonstrate success or failure according to your habitual trend of thought. It is better to die struggling than to abandon your efforts while there is still a possibility of accomplishing something more. Always try once more
D:15 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaPower to Light Your Way
by Paramahansa Yogananda
The temple of God is within your soul. You are, and ever will be, a perfect reflection of Spirit. Every regret for shattered hopes of success must be transformed into the joy of new achievements. Behind your body-wave is the oceanic life of God;
D: 12 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaHow Can You Talk to God
by Paramahansa Yogananda
Talking with God is a definite fact. God, being cosmic vibration, is the Word. God as the Word is humming through all atoms. There is a music coming out of the universe that that deeply meditating devotees can hear...
D:16 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaA Scripture of Love
by Paramahansa Yogananda
Paramahansa Yogananda was in a deep state of samadhi when these words flowed from his soul. He speaks first of his own spiritual search and then from his at-one-ment with God as Love. "I sought love in many lives. I shed bitter tears of separation..."
D:11 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaRealizing God in Your Daily Life
by Paramahansa Yogananda
First practice the presence of God in daily life by making your meditations very deep. If light is admitted into a cave where darkness has existed for thousands of years, darkness will vanish instantly.
D:29 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaThe Science of Religion
by Paramahansa Yogananda
Four fundamental ways to realize God. First, the intellectual method. The second is the devotional method. The third is the meditational method. The fourth method is the scientific method of Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga teaches us to turn the life...
D:21 mins   d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaThe Steps That Lead to God
by Paramahansa Yogananda
The seventh step to God is true meditation and expansion of consciousness. Remember God is joy, God is light— great light or like a great sound. God is love. When you feel love for all, that is God expressing Himself through you.
D:17 mins  d podcast

Paramahansa YoganandaHigher Achievements in the New Year
by Paramahansa Yogananda
No matter what our trials have been, or how discouraged we are, if we will make a continued effort to be better and to succeed, we shall find that, being made in the image of God, we are endowed with unlimited power, ...
D:12 mins   d podcast