Recharging the Body with
Cosmic Energy

Best Quotes on Energization Exercises

Breathe slowly and deeply and then exhale the breath and keep it out as long as is comfortable, concentrating on the inner calmness of breathlessness.

Tense with will:

By command of will, direct the life energy (through the process of tension) to flood the body or any body part. Feel the energy vibrating there, energizing and revitalizing.

Relax and feel:

Relax the tension, and feel the soothing tingle of new life and vitality in the recharged area.

Feel that you are not the body; you are that life which sustains the body. Feel the peace, the freedom, the increased awareness that comes with the calmness produced by the practice of this technique. [from SRF Magazine]

Tense with will.

Relax and feel.


Energization Exercises

The medulla is the antennae for the inflow of cosmic energy. It is your focused attention, not the muscular control, which renders the Energization Exercises a form of pranayama, of life force control. When mastered, you will conquer restlessness.



Importance of Energization Exercises

The Energization Exercises are one of the most grossly overlooked techniques.

Control the energy
and you can control the states of consciousness.

We can go into bliss doing the Energization Exercises.

The Energization Exercises help us become more aware of prana.

They also prepare the body for meditation.

(Extract for a talk by Brother Ishtananda)


Concentrate on the Flow of Energy

The sequence:

Tense with will, relax with feel.

1. Will = mental effort

2. Tension = vibration (physical effort)

3. Relaxation

4. Feel

(Extract from talk by Brother Bhaktananda)


How does energization work?

• Even though we seem solid, we are all energy. The body is made of atoms with lots of empty space. These atoms have been to all kinds of places before they became our bodies: other planets, stars, other forms, etc. When we die, these atoms are no longer held together and go elsewhere. Any one of us may have one billion atoms that were Shakespeare, Buddha, Einstein, maybe even Elvis!

• Our master reasoned that if we are energy, we must have a way to recharge with energy. He invented energization, which is based on the principle that we can constantly and instantly recharge from an unlimited supply of cosmic energy.

• We have 27,000 billion cells in our body. Each cell is like a battery that gets energy from two sources:

1. oxygen, sun, and food

2. cosmic energy

• Cosmic energy has tremendous intelligence. It knows how to run the cells, convert food to energy, and many other functions. In the future, it will be our food. We are seemingly unable to access this energy. But our guru shows us how.

• God’s energy is flowing into our body at all times. An infinite dynamo constantly infuses our body with peace, energy, and happiness.

(Extract from a talk by Brother Keshabananda


Would you like to increase your energy today?

• Then remember this:

The greater your will,
the greater your energy

Getting more energy is primarily a matter of will.

• This apparently solid body is made of whirling atoms and smaller particles, semi-intelligent sparks of God’s consciousness. So why don’t we feel it when we wake up in the morning? Ancient yogis show us that we can through pranayama or life force control.

• We can do it right now.

1. Grab your forearm with your opposite hand and rub it up and down fast and hard. Then raise that forearm and slowly lower it.

2. Rotate your hands around each other as we do when we do the healing prayer for others. Feel the energy flow in from the medulla. Then hold your arms up and slowly lower them.

• Food and oxygen create electricity in the body. Energization exercises electrify your body. We can vitally recharge every cell in the body through Kriya yoga and energization.

• We have a tremendous amount of energy in our bodies. One gram of flesh can light the city of Chicago for 2 days. We have the equivalent of 30 hydrogen bombs in our body if we could liberate it and if we really wanted to make a statement!

• If you unite your energy with God’s energy, you could literally move mountains. We can accomplish anything with the realized power of faith. Faith creates vibrations so potent it can literally uproot a mountain and cast it into the sea.

• Yogis don’t age if they chose not to. I met a 110 year old Himalayan yogi sitting in a cold mountain cave in a loin cloth. I asked the yogi if he is doing this to get closer to God. He said, "No. We are here to show you your potential."


Concentration and Will Power

Energization is first and foremost about using will. Concentrate, use your will, and visualize energy coming from the outer cosmic source through the medulla oblongata to any body part.

Awaken to the source of energy
through will power

• Love is key. Under the influence of love, will can do almost anything. So do these exercises with devotion.

• These exercises cultivate health, calmness, and control of the life force.

• Do each exercise with deepest concentration and will power.

The more will, the more the medulla opens up, the more energy goes in.

• Visualize energy going into the medulla and send it to the body part.

• Though twice a day is recommended, you can do these exercises more than that if you wish.

• You can do more than the prescribed number of repetitions if you wish.

• If you have a weak or diseased body part or body, you can visualize yourself doing the exercises as though you are doing them. Picture the energy coming into the medulla and going to the body part.

• This is pranayama, an exercise involving interiorization. We are directing consciousness and energy within.


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