Sri Daya Mata Best Quotes


We should learn to be neither attached to pleasure nor fearful of pain. We should accept what life gives without being too much elated or too much discouraged. This is the state of the truly spiritual man. It isn't some great strength that we can gather suddenly when we need it to face a big problem. This consciousness has to be built up gradually within us, by training ourselves to react properly to everyday problems and occurrences.


We should banish anger, greed, jealousy, hate, pride, and resentment. To be master of emotions, desires, and human nature is the goal of the spiritual man. Self-mastery is what every human being, consciously or unconsciously, is striving toward; because only as master of himself can man be truly happy. We should make the effort to arrive at that state wherein we are able to keep our composure under all circumstances. That perfect calmness and equanimity cannot be acquired through any means except deep meditation—drawing closer to the Divine Source whence the soul, our real nature, originally sprang. Only by commingling the little droplet of our consciousness with the Divine Ocean in meditation are we able to emulate the example, the ideal blissful state, of the saints.


Enjoyment of Life

We often fail to appreciate what God has given us. On my visit to the foothills of the Himalayas, I noticed that the natives who live on the very threshold of those magnificent mountains—the most beautiful in the world—take them for granted. Tourists experienced overwhelming awe, yet there was no corresponding exaltation in the minds of the residents.

One of the great delights of this world consists in never getting too used to anything, so that we can always find something new, inspiring, and thrilling about our life. ....

One of the vital points on the spiritual path is to see every day as a new beginning. And above all in importance is practicing God's presence from the moment we awaken in the morning until we fall asleep at night. That was the training Guruji gave; he didn't place first the external things in life, or the building of an organization.

How many times, when one of us might comment upon having some particular problem, Master's guidance was simply: "Do your best, and give it to God," or "Keep your mind more on God." The more you put your mind on God, the more you will find it possible to cope with all of life's experiences, whether they be negative or positive. ....

Live love within. When you want to do or say something unkind, think love in your heart. And then express it outwardly by some kind act or deed. ...

This is another illustration Guruji used to give: "Flies love to swarm around filthy things. The bee wants only to go where it can collect sweet nectar. I don't like to see people behave like flies, gathering wherever there is ugliness, gossip, unkindness, meanness, hatred, jealousy, envy, bigotry, and prejudice. I would rather see a garden of fragrant flowering soul qualities where human bees are attracted to sip the divine honey of love and compassion and kindness." (ol)


Free Yourself from Tension

Keep the mind calm through practice of meditation.

Think one thought at a time.

Don't interrupt others while they are talking. Let them complete their sentences.

Read books that require deep concentration.

Learn to eat slowly, and preferably in silence.

Exercise regularly.

Relax. Don't get bogged down in little things.

Set aside time for seclusion, when you can be alone with God and have time to think. (fj)

"Seclusion is the price of finding God." — Yogananda




In the ultimate sense, the salvation of each one of us rests totally with ourselves — how we face life; how we behave; whether we conduct our lives with honesty, sincerity, regard for others, and above all, with courage, faith, trust in God. It becomes simple if we concentrate on love for God. We will then want to do good, and to be good, because we find peace and wisdom and joy pouring into our consciousness from that One whence we have come. (fj)


True Freedom

True freedom, in the ultimate sense, is liberation from the compulsions of bad habits, prejudices, moods, self-interest, self-will, and so forth. When you can exercise free choice in all your actions, guided purely by wisdom, then you are free. (fj)



You cannot win the love of anyone by halfheartedness or mechanically spoken words of love. Love must come from the heart. That is what is so often lacking in spiritual practices. We must cease being parrots, merely repeating God's name without feeling or understanding. (fj)


Purpose of Life

Life is fleeting; it is like a bubble that one day bursts as it is carried along the cascading stream. Though the tiny bubble bursts, it is not lost; it only changes its form. Similarly, our life is not lost, though one day it leaves the bubble of this particular fleshly form. When meditating, it is good to contemplate the insecurity of this mortal form, that we may realize the illusory nature of our earthly experiences. The only Reality is God; everything else is part of His cosmic dream. Meditate upon that Reality, realize the need to relate to that Reality, that you may know you are not a mortal being, but an immortal part of the Divine Beloved. (fj)


Facing Challenges

Never be afraid of hardships. Know for certain that God does not permit any human being to be tested with a trial or burden heavier than that individual can bear. The crosses we are given, we are capable of carrying; their purpose is not to punish, but to strengthen. When we give up and refuse to try, we are actually refusing God's grace. ... Then every hardship that comes will serve to strengthen us. Devoted meditation and cheerful, dutiful action — thereby we shall reclaim and manifest our omnipotent divine soul-nature. (fj)


Wherever God has placed you, do the best you can to manifest a positive spirit, an inner strength of mind, a sense of faith and trust and surrender at His feet. It is so simple to know God; just let go and let Him enter your life. This is the whole purpose of the spiritual path. Accept each experience that comes to you as coming from Him, and try to learn from it. Otherwise you will go on making the same blunders, the same mistakes, day after day, year after year, right up to the end of life — never realizing what a wealth of divine fulfillment lies within you. (fj)


Know this for certain: No experience can come to any one of us by accident—even though it may appear that way at times. The Divine is most organized. Just as there is a time and a season for everything in this universe, so there is a time and a season for everything that happens in our lives. We should never blame any human being or any external circumstance for the conditions that confront us. Just simply say, "Well, Mother, this has happened. What is the meaning of this for me?" And then do not become distraught if She doesn't respond at once. (fj)


Secrets of Spiritual Progress

In performance of our duties we should never complain. We should be on fire with enthusiasm every moment, no matter what tasks fall to our lot. When we whine, when we are negative, we shut off God's power and our contact with Him. While doing our best, we should keep always positive and cheerful and feel a sense of surrender to God. This gives a peace, a tranquillity, that nothing else in this world can give.

And we must also be willing. We have to watch our motives so that we don't try to deceive ourselves when we avoid a duty. Even though we can give the most logical of reasons for saying "No," we know when we are really saying it because we don't want to do that particular task; we know when we are saying "No" because we secretly have a negative attitude.

One should work enthusiastically and creatively to fulfill his duties and serve God, yet not be afflicted with pride of accomplishment. Certainly we are happy when we do something well. Everyone wants to feel some satisfaction from what he has done. There is nothing wrong with that. But we must avoid the egoistic thought, "I did it." That is where pride steps in. When someone speaks words of praise about us we should immediately acknowledge God inwardly: "Lord, I know You are the Doer. By myself, I know nothing. Of myself, I can do nothing. If I am able to accomplish anything worthwhile in this life, it is only because of the intelligence and faith with which You have endowed me." This practice refers the credit to God, where it belongs. One cannot then feel egoistic pride.

As Souls All Men Are Equal

There is another way to avoid pride: Realize that we are all equal before God; in His eyes none are greater or lesser. When death comes, one is severed from all his material accomplishments. Wherein, then, is their importance? The Lord is not interested in whether one is a great scientist, or a great orator, or a great writer, or whether one has attained stature according to the standards of the world. Such achievements do not afford us any significant spiritual knowledge. Realization of the soul is the only attainment that has lasting value, that will not be taken away by death. Spiritual principles are a great leveler of man's ego! (ol)


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