Para-Gram by Parmahansa Yogananda

Every man who comes into the world carries within a general chart of his life, the details of which he fills in throughout his lifetime. The highways, and some byways, are already in the chart when he is born. These are traits he brings with him form previous incarnations. You are born with about 75% of your life predetermined by your past. You will make up the remaining 25%. If you yourself, through your own free choice and effort of will, do not determine what that 25% will be, the 75% will make the 25% for you, and you will become a puppet. That is, you will be ruled absolutely by your past, by the influence and effects of your past tendencies. This is why spiritual training is vital. It takes into consideration not only the 75% of our lives that we already are, but also designates the methods to mould the brand new 25% that we ourselves are going to create by the exercise of our freedom.