The Nature of Infinity

The Bhagavad Gita VII:7

O Arjuna! There is nothing higher than Me, or beyond Me. All things (creatures and objects) are bound to Me like a row of gems on a thread. — The Gita VII:7

As infinite space contains all finite manifestations of planets, stars, and universes, so the infinite sky of Spirit contains within it all the finite manifestations of creation. It is natural but erroneous to think that because all finite things are contained in the Infinite, therefore the Infinite must be contained in something else! All finite things are caused by the Infinite, but the Infinite Being—the Supreme Cause, the Thing-in-Itself—is not the effect of any cause. The Infinite Being, the container of all finite objects, is not contained by anything else existing beyond it. The Measureless Spirit cannot be measured by a finite category. Finite things are caused; but the Infinite evolves Itself, exists by Itself, and causes Itself by Itself. Otherwise It would be not infinite but finite. (...)

Krishna is saying in this stanza that there is nothing beyond God. All finite things live in eternity, but eternity lives in nothing else. All finite beings live in God, but the Infinite God lives in nothing else beyond Him. All dreams exist in the consciousness of the dreamer, but his consciousness exists beyond all his dreams. Consciousness can exist by itself without dreams. All finite dreams of creation exist in the formless consciousness of the ever-existent, ever-conscious, ever-new God of Bliss; but His cosmic consciousness can exist by itself, without the dream forms of creation.
All finite objects produce the illusion of something beyond them. Therefore mortals ask: "What is beyond the Infinite?" The answer is: Nothing. Naught could be bigger than the Infinite that is the container of all else.

"Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else." [Isaiah 43:22]

As the thread is hidden behind the beads of a necklace, and as the dreamer's consciousness is secreted behind the garlands of dream images, so the Divine Coordinator remains unseen behind the dream lei of creation.

Gita 7:7

As the thread is the support of a row of beads, and as the dreamer's mind upholds his dream images, so it is God's consciousness alone that sustains all the dream appearances of creation. [God Talks With Arjuna p. 676]