Excerpts from God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita
by Paramahansa Yogananda

The Universal Form of God


The Blessed Lord said:

(47) I have graciously exercised Mine own Yoga Power to re-veal to thee, O Arjuna, and to none other! this Supreme Primeval Form of Mine, the Radiant and Infinite Cosmos!

(48) No mortal man, save only thyself, O Great Hero of the Kurus! is able to look upon My Universal Shape—not by sacrifices or charity or works or rigorous austerity or study of the Vedas is that vision attainable.

(49) Be not affrighted or stupefied at seeing My Terrible Aspect. With dreads removed and heart rejoicing, behold once more My familiar form!

Sanjaya said to King Dhritarashtra:

(50) After speaking thus, Vasudeva, "the Lord of the World," resumed his own shape as Krishna. He, the Great-Souled One, appearing to Arjuna in the form of grace, consoled His fear stricken devotee.

Arjuna said:

(51) O Granter of All Wishes (Krishna) ! As I gaze on Thee again in gentle human shape, my mind is quieted and I feel more like my natural self.

The Blessed Lord said:
(52) Very difficult it is to behold, as thou hast done, the Vision Universal! Even the gods ever yearn to see it.


But it is not unveiled through one's penance or scriptural lore or gift-giving or formal worship. O Scorcher of the Sense-Foes (Arjuna)! only by undivided devotion (commingling by yoga all thoughts in One Divine Perception) may I be seen as thou hast beheld Me in My Cosmic Form and recognized in reality and finally embraced in Oneness!

He who works for Me alone, who makes Me his goal, who lovingly surrenders himself to Me, who is nonattached (to My delusive cosmic-dream worlds), who bears ill will toward none (beholding Me in all)—he enters My being, O Arjuna!

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