Excerpts from God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita
by Paramahansa Yogananda

Spirit & Cosmic Nature


I will tell you of That which is to be known, because such knowledge bestows immortality. Hear about the beginningless Supreme Spirit—He who is spoken of as neither existent (sat) nor nonexistent (asat).

He dwells in the world, enveloping all— everywhere, His hands and feet; present on all sides, His eyes and ears, His mouths and heads;

Shining in all the sense faculties, yet transcending the senses; unattached to creation, yet the Mainstay of all; free from the gunas (modes of Nature), yet the Enjoyer of them.

He is within and without all that exists, the animate and the inanimate; near He is, and far; imperceptible because of His subtlety.

He, the Indivisible One, appears as countless beings; He maintains and destroys those forms, then creates them anew.

The Light of All Lights, beyond darkness; Knowledge itself, That which is to be known, the Goal of all learning, He is seated in the hearts of all.

I have briefly described the Field, the nature of wisdom, and the Object of wisdom. Understanding these, My devotee enters My being. [—Commentary]


Know that both Purusha and Prakriti are beginningless; and know also that all modifications and qualities (gunas) are born of Prakriti.

In the creation of the effect (the body) and the instrument (the senses), Prakriti is spoken of as the cause; in the experience of joy and sorrow, Purusha is said to be the cause. [—Commentary]


He sees truly who perceive the Supreme Lord present equally in all creatures, the Imperishable amidst the perishing.

He who is conscious of the omnipresence of God does not injure the Self by the self. That man reaches the Supreme Goal.

He who sees that all actions are performed in their entirety by Prakriti alone, and not by the Self, is indeed a beholder of truth.

When a man beholds all separate beings as existent in the One that has expanded Itself into the many, he then merges with Brahman. [—Commentary]

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