Promise of Bhagavan Krishna

Bhagavan Krishna
Bhagavan Krishna

How easily, then, may I be attained by sainted Brahmins (knowers of God or Brahman) and pious royal sages (Raja-rishis)! Thou who hast entered this impermanent and unhappy world, adore only Me (Spirit). (33)

On Me fix thy mind, be thou My devotee, with ceaseless worship bow reverently before Me. Having thus united thyself to Me as thy Highest Goal, thou shalt be Mine own. (34)

— The Bhagavad Gita IX:33-34

(34) Thus does Bhagavan Krishna summarize the discourse in this chapter on resolving by Self-realization through yoga the mystery of the simultaneous immanence and transcendence of Spirit. Through the divine science of yoga, or union, with God, the yogi unites himself with the transcendent Spirit, beyond the dreams of manifestation, while also remaining immanent and active, with Spirit, in the cosmic dream drama.

In yoga meditation, O devotee, fix thy mind unwaveringly on God; with devotion, surrender to Him the ego consciousness and all its dream delusions. In the inner rite of true worship, oblate the little self into the Self in the sacred fire of divine communion with Spirit. Look solely to Him who is the Lord of All, for He is the consummation of the rainbow-chases of incarnations. In Him, all motley-hued desires merge in the one splendor of Bliss in which the soul is forever diademed with Spirit.

The Self-realized yogi is a prince of peace sitting on the throne of poise directing his kingdom of activity,

wholly devoted to God in heart and mind, sacrificing to Him the fruits of all his actions. "That devotee," saith the Lord, "having obtained Me and remaining continually united to Me, shall truly be Mine own!" (pg.764-766)

Excerpts from God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita
by Paramahansa Yogananda