Affirmation for Material Success

Thou art my Father:
Success and joy.
I am Thy child:
Success and joy.

All the wealth of this earth,
All the riches of the universe,
Belong to Thee, belong to Thee.
I am Thy child;
The wealth of earth and universe
Belongs to me, belongs to me,
Oh, belongs to me, belongs to me.

I lived in thoughts of poverty
And wrongly fancied I was poor,
So I was poor.
Now I am home.
Thy consciousness hath made me wealthy, made me rich.
I am successful, I am rich;
Thou art my Treasure,
I am rich, I am rich.

Thou art everything, Thou art everything.
Thou art mine.
I have everything, I have everything;
I am wealthy, I am rich.
I have everything, I have everything;
I possess all and everything,
Even as Thou dost, even as Thou dost.
I possess everything, I possess everything.
Thou art my Wealth,
I have everything.


Brief Affirmations

om I know that God's power is limitless; and as I am made in His image, I, too, have the strength to overcome all obstacles.

om I possess the creative power of Spirit. The Infinite Intelligence will guide me and solve every problem.

om God is my own inexhaustible Divine Bank. I am always rich, for I have access to the Cosmic Storehouse.

om I will go forth in perfect faith in the power of Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need at the time I need it.

om The sunshine of divine prosperity has just burst through the dark sky of my limitations. I am God's child. What He has, I have.


Affirmations for Spiritual Success

Thou art Wisdom,
And Thou dost know
The cause and end of all things.

I am Thy child;
I want to know
Life's true mystery,
Life's true joyous duty.

Thy wisdom in me shall show
All things that Thou dost know,
That Thou dost know.


Brief Affirmations

om Heavenly Father, strengthen my determination to discard wrong habits, which attract evil vibrations, and to form right habits, which attract good vibrations.

om The eternal life of God flows through me. I am immortal. Behind the wave of my mind is the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness.

om Divine Father, where Thou hast placed me, there Thou must come.


Prayers to the Divine Father

Prayers should be used, not to beg for transitory favours, but to enable man to reclaim the divine treasure that in his ignorance he had thought lost. The following prayers will turn your thoughts to God—the Source of all good and the Power in all affirmations.

om Since Thine indelible image of perfection is in me, teach me to wipe away the superficial stains of ignorance and see that Thou and I are One.

om O Spirit, teach me to heal the body by recharging it with Thy cosmic energy, to heal the mind by concentration and cheerfulness, and the soul by meditation-born intuition. Let Thy kingdom that is within manifest itself without.

om Heavenly Father, teach me to remember Thee in poverty or prosperity, in sickness or health, in ignorance or wisdom. May I open my closed eyes of unbelief and behold Thine instantaneously healing light.


(For more information read SCIENTIFIC HEALING AFFIRMATIONS by Paramahansa Yogananda published by Self-Realization Fellowship)

by Paramahansa Yogananda

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