Holy Ghost

The sacred Cosmic Intelligent Vibration projected from God to structure and sustain creation from Its own vibratory Essence. It is thus the Holy Presence of God, His Word, omnipresent in the universe and in every form, vehicle of God's perfect universal reflection, Christ Consciousness (q.v.). The Comforter, Cosmic Mother Nature, Prakriti (q.v.). See Aum and Trinity.

"Holy Ghost" is synonymous with "Holy Spirit"—the term used in many modern English versions of the Bible. Both are translations of the same Greek and Hebrew words. Ruach in Hebrew and pneuma in Greek are used to signify a range of concepts: spirit, breath, and wind — in general, the life principle of man and the cosmos. (Similarly in Latin, in which inspiration refers to the inflow of breath as well as of divine or creative spirit; and in Sanskrit, in which prana denotes the breath as well as the subtle astral life energy that sustains the body, and Pranava—an alternate term for Aum (Om) — is the name. for the universal Cosmic Vibratory Energy that underlies and upholds every particle of creation.)

At the time of the King James translation of the Bible, both "spirit" and "ghost" in English conveyed the same meaning as ruach and pneuma; the everyday connotation of "ghost" has changed in the centuries since then. The King James rendering, used in this book, avoids confusion between Spirit (the transcendental God the Father) and Its activating Creative Vibratory Energy (Holy Ghost).