Kosha – Sheath or Body

All creation is encased in one or more of five koshas. These are screens of delusion, each of which, in descending order, obscures to a greater degree the real Cause and Essence The koshas, stages of all creation. God. The five koshas are

[1] anandamaya evolution in creation anikosha, or bliss sheath;

[2] jnanamaya kosha, the intellect or man discriminative sheath;

[3] manomaya kosha, the sheath of the mind, manas;

[4] pranamaya kosha, the life sheath or prana; and

[5] annamaya kosha, gross matter.


The bliss sheath is that which covers and causes the causal world and body of man. The three sheaths of intellect, mind, and life are the coverings of the astral universe and body of man. The matter sheath manifests as the physical universe and body of man.