Keep Your Mind on the Spiritual Eye

10. Keep Your Mind on the Spiritual Eye

spiritual eyeThat person whose vision is in his spiritual eye beholds the true nature of the soul; and thus, through direct perception, is absolutely certain that the Self is immutable — above birth and death, change and annihilation. (bg)



The highest spiritual habit by which the devotee can retain a watchful awareness of the inner presence of God is to keep the consciousness always centered on the spiritual eye. (sc)


When the yogi concentrates long enough with half-open eyes at the point between the eyebrows, and when the gaze is without any restless motion, he will be able to see a steady light surrounded by other, but spiritual eyeflickering, lights. He should not be diverted by this glimmering halo of the spiritual eye, but should steadfastly look at the center of the eye until he feels his mind completely absorbed within it. In time, he will see the perfect formation of the spiritual eye: a dark opal-blue globe within a quivering ring of flame. Gradually, by deep concentration, an extremely brilliant white star occasionally glimmers in the center of the blue. The star is the gateway through which the consciousness must pass to attain oneness with Spirit. (bg) (More...)


Whenever we came to Paramahansaji with any kind of personal problem or complaint -  his answer would be. "Just keep your mind here," he used to say, pointing to the Christ Center between the eyebrows, the seat of spiritual consciousness and of the divine eye. "Keep your attention here, and keep God in your consciousness." — Sri Daya Mata, Only Love

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