Never Give Up!

20. Never Give Up!

Even though God may not seem to respond, one should not succumb to doubts but should unremittingly continue in the holy quest. Perseverance is the whole magic of spiritual success. ...

Great happiness comes to the devotee who is steadfast. Without unquenchable enthusiasm nothing can be gained. (me)


First, free yourself from wrong thoughts and habits.

Second, establish good habits and perform good deeds.
If you keep on trying, you will improve.

A saint is a sinner who never gave up.

Never give up!


Learn to stand unshaken
midst the crash of breaking worlds.

When you have found your true soul-nature of everlasting joy, that indestructible bliss will remain with you throughout all experiences of life, whether they be pleasant or disagreeable. Your joy will stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking earthly pleasures. You will enjoy everything with the Joy that is God. (dr)


So if you are crucified by trials, if through ignorance you are misunderstood, if you are faced with some superhuman task, if you are overwhelmed by temptation, remember that these do not come to destroy you. They come only to shake you out of delusion. That is why the devotee should always pray for right attitude, that he might at all times keep his attention on God as a goal of his life. (from Finding the Joy Within You by Sri Daya Mata) (More...)



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