Satsanga with Brother Sevananda

by Brother Sevananda
Excerpts from a talk at 2010 Convocation, August 7, 2010

Q: Explain God to us.

Satchidananda: ever conscious, ever new bliss. God will answer prayers and guide us. The ego knows that by philosophizing we keep God “out there”.


Q: How do you meditate?

When meditating, it’s difficult not to intellectualize. Master said tune in and “get my meaning.” The difference between meditation and concentration is that meditation is the application of concentration. Use Master’s teachings and keep as simple as we can. The real education is to practice and then we can go back and study.


Q: How do we be still and know that I am God?

Look at Man’s Eternal Quest. Practice the techniques and find out their meaning. It’s God talking to us. Know the aspects of God in you as peace, wisdom, and bliss. Keep the body still; still minds and settled thoughts become calm and clear.

Every person at sometime has a spiritual experience. Bro. as a child felt that presence, but wondered where God came from. God is the creator of the universe but spirit is the creator of God. The nature of spirit is beautiful and can’t be questioned.


Q: Please talk about animals. The devotee had to put their cat Pumpkin to sleep on Friday and is missing her so much that they feel like crying.

Saints show poise when the rest of us would fall apart. In Mejda, when Ananta passed before cremation the body was placed on a cot outside the door. Father asked for cover to be removed and gazed longingly on his child’s face. On the following days father went about his routine. What power had father mastered to stay serene? Saints may not react outwardly but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel inside.

Emotions are energy and we can allow it to flow through us. When Sister Gyanamata passed there were tears in Master’s eyes. She was free, but Master had tears of love because on this side he would miss her. Each time we recall a little pain, when each one passes away, rejoice in the astral world. Expand hearts to loved ones.


Q: Is it possible to love someone unconditionally and be detached?

Yes, if you love them unconditionally you want what’s best for the person and be unattached. To attain divine love, we go through an unconditional state. We still care, but more so since we are detached. Read in The Divine Romance, “How Feelings Mask the Soul”. If something is mine, it’s my responsibility to keep it for all and see that it’s available to others. We own it but it’s not ours. It belongs to God really.


Q: Master writes about protecting loved ones. Please talk about parents protecting kids.

Love them unconditionally. Believe it or not, they’re going to be okay. Set boundaries when they’re in your house. But we all have free will.

Our guru follows us wherever we go. We’re all equally special. We’ll all come back. We can’t save loved ones from those hard knocks. If an avatar can’t protect a person are prayers to no avail. Prayer has to help as it releases positive energy. Let go, meditate and leave it in God’s hands. Go to God and we’ll have safety forever for ourselves and those we love.


Q: Why are so many photos of Guru displayed? Isn’t this considered Guru worship?

Master can give guidance. The reaction can be understandable to new people until they understand better. We have to deepen our understanding and get comfortable.

Bro. tells the story of Helen Keller who had an incredibly full life but if she’d been able to see she would have wanted to see the face of her dear teacher, Anne Sullivan. Our Guru loves us unconditionally.


Q: How do we pray for others?

Last fall in the magazine Ma had an article on prayer. Help others with prayers—meditate deeply. Keep in touch with the omnipresent power.



These notes are not an official publication of SRF. They were taken by the devotees during talks given by the monks and nuns. Please be aware that there is a degree of human error involved in taking and transcribing notes.