The Holy Science - The Goal

Excerpts from The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar

The Goal


Hence there is desire for emancipation.


Liberation is stabilization of Purusha (jiva, soul) in its real Self.


Then there is cessation of all pain and the attainment of the ultimate aim (true fulfillment, God realization).


Otherwise, birth after birth, man experiences the misery of unfulfilled desires.


Troubles are born from Avidya, Ignorance. Ignorance is the perception of the nonexistent, and the nonperception of the Existent.


Avidya, Ignorance, having the twofold power of polarity, manifests as egoism, attachment, aversion, and (blind) tenacity.

The darkening power of Maya produces egoism and (blind) tenacity; the polarity power of Maya produces attachment (attraction) and aversion (repulsion).
Egoism results from a lack of discrimination between the physical body and the real Self.

Tenacity is a result of natural conditioning (belief in Nature and her laws as final, instead of belief in the all-causative powers of the Soul).

Attachment means thirst for the objects of happiness.

Aversion means desire for the removal of the objects of unhappiness.


The root of pain is egoistic actions, which (being based on delusions) lead to misery.


Man's purpose is complete freedom from unhappiness.
Once he has banished all pain beyond possibility of return, he has attained the highest goal.


Existence, consciousness, and bliss are the three longings (of the human heart).
Ananda, bliss, is the contentment of heart attained by the ways and means suggested by the Savior, the Sat-Guru.

Chit, true consciousness, brings about the complete destruction of all troubles and the rise of all virtues.

Sat, existence, is attained by realization of the permanency of the soul.

These three qualities constitute the real nature
of man.

All desires being fulfilled, and all miseries removed, the achievement of Paramartha (the highest goal) is made.


All fulfillments of his nature attained, man is not merely a reflector of divine light but becomes actively united with Spirit. This state is Kaivalya, oneness.


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