Ashtavakra Gita —
4. Glorification of Self-realization

Knower and the Non-knower of the Self

The wise man knows the Self,
And he plays the game of life.
But the fool lives in the world
Like a beast of burden. (4.1)

The true seeker feels no elation
Even in that exalted state
Which Indra and all the gods
Unhappily long for. (4.2)

He understands the nature of things.
His heart is not smudged
By right or wrong,
As the sky is not smudged by smoke. (4.3)

He is pure of heart,
He knows the whole world is only the Self.
So who can stop him
From doing as he wishes? (4.4)

Of the four kinds of being,
From Brahma to a blade of grass,
Only the wise man is strong enough
To give up desire and aversion. (4.5)

How rare he is!
Knowing he is the Self,
He acts accordingly
And is never fearful.
For he knows he is the Self,
One without two,
The Lord of all creation. (4.6)

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* Translated by Thomas Byrom